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Looking for a great place to Workout in San Marcos? Try Str8 Training Gym!

Here at Str8 Training Gym, we have a Community Environment. Our members are bonded through a love of training to reach goals! Our club offers a variety of equipment and amenities, including:

  • A Wide Variety of Cardio Equipment: Doing cardio can improve your cardiovascular health which can lead to lower blood pressure, healthier cholesterol levels, better blood sugar regulation, and overall better physical and mental fitness.

  • Free Weights and Racks: Weight Training assists in building muscle which in turn burns fat, leaving you with a stronger and leaner physique. Lifting free weights regularly can heighten your metabolic rate, improve your overall sense of wellbeing, and even improve the quality of your sleep. Not to mention the boost in confidence it can bring!

  • Spacious Classroom: Our classroom is a great place to take a group fitness class. Group fitness classes are offered at various times: these classes allow people to access personal training at an affordable rate. Come check out a class in person!

  • Turf and a Prowler: Our gym’s studio floor plan allows for a spacious Turf area. The turf is a great place for all kinds of workouts and stretching. Or try pushing/ pulling the prowler for a workout that dramatically enhances the strength and stability of the entire body.

  • Kettlebells, TRX bands, MMA Bags for martial arts: This equipment is great for Functional training which can make you stronger while doing movements that are common in daily life.

  • And More: We also have monkey bars, soft plyo boxes, resistance bands, resistance machines, strongman equipment, and lots more in our studio!

Advantages of Choosing Str8

  • Need a trainer? We have certified personal trainers ready to work with you in a one-on-one class environment to create a plan for your fitness goals.

  • Certified Personal Trainers will be available on-site at the studio for your workout questions from 8am–8pm

  • Interested in Bodybuilding? We offer guidance on Training, Nutritional Planning, Posing, and Peaking for a show.

  • Free workouts are written on our giant chalkboard daily if you need some new ideas or want to mix your workout up!

  • Healthy Meals from Weusi Wellness on-site at our gym in San Marcos Texas

  • Need help with your meal plan? See the weekly menu here: www.weusiwellness.com

  • A/C and lots of big fans in the gym for moderate cooling (we like to sweat but would rather not pass out from that Texas heat)

  • With a membership, you’ll have access to our Club’s Stereo system and can connect with an aux cord (workout to your own jams during the nighttime hours)

  • Our gym’s location is Near Texas State University Campus, various other community amenities as well as being only a ten-minute drive from Downtown San Marcos.

  • Our facility meets relevant accessibility standards and our trainers are able to modify exercises to meet the needs of all body types/ fitness levels.

kettlebell swings at group training

Come find out why we’re not like the other gyms in San Marcos TX!