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Str8 Training Family

Our Mission

STR8 Trainings mission is to offer clientele a diverse, productive, and affordable means of exercise that is supervised by a fitness pro. We specialize in Personal and Small Group Training, aim to keep training affordable to the masses, and focus on helping you reach your full potential.

Our Trainers

STR8 Trainers base their workout programs around each client. With one-on-one and small group style training, the accountability factor is emphasized for clients to achieve their ultimate goal of getting in shape and maintaining. Every STR8 trainer is versatile and works to hit all facets of a complete workout (such as but not limited to cardio, circuit, body weight, and weight training) in each session. Form is a huge element of our training style, we believe this is key to keep our clients injury free. Modifications can be made to any exercise to match any fitness level.

Str8 Training Coaches
Str8 Training fitness trainers

Our Facility

In 2019 we celebrate 9 years serving the San Marcos Community! STR8 began in 2010 as a living room converted into a small studio in a rental house. After 1 year STR8 arrived in the heart of downtown San Marcos and resided there for 5 years.  We outgrew our downtown location and in September 2014 we moved to our current location on Hunter Rd. This enabled us to serve our clients in a newer, nicer, bigger, and better location. We opened 24/STR8, our 24 hour gym in April of 2015 expanding our services and training space to a whole new level.

Our Future

It’s no secret, we hope to keep growing at an accelerated rate. Our 5 year plan is to open a healthy cafe and 1-2 more locations in surrounding areas of Central Texas. We hope to continue to produce quality personal trainers who go above and beyond for their clients. Most importantly, we will make it our mission to keep personal training affordable to the masses. If you are interested in joining our team or for more information on franchising, please email us at [email protected]

Personal Training


Functional  Fitness

Functional Fitness is a workout program which consists of constantly varied movements and intensities. The 60 minute class starts with a briefing going over what you’ll be doing for that day, followed by a warm-up. Each day can vary so on some days you’ll be working on your Olympic Lifting while on others you’ll be doing a high intensity type workout… maybe some skills work too… and on other days a mixture of all of the above!


LOVE this place! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The trainers are caring but really push you to your maximum potential. No intimidation at all. Loved the group workout

Darlene Rocha San Marcos, Tx - Massage Therapist

Str8 Training is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Once I through my own BS and stepped in and started working out with Muhammad, my life has changed for the better. If you are wanting to avoid the insecurities of a large/over crowded gym this the place. I love that I can have a trainer, or do the fit camps that they have for a reasonable price. It fits the budget. I love how all the trainers there encourage you as well as everyone that attends the fit camps. They become your new little workout family. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this place. Its getting me in the best shape.
(*Results may vary from person to person)

Kristen Gray San Marcos, Tx - Student & Starbucks Barista

The best there is! Amazing trainers that push you to your personal limit. You will want to keep coming back for more. You will see amazing results. I am so proud to call this place my gym.
(*Results may vary from person to person)

Crystal Salinas , San Marcos, Tx

LOVE this place! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The trainers are caring but really push you to your maximum potential. No intimidation at all. Loved the group workout

Darlene Rocha San Marcos, Tx - Massage Therapist

Str8 has really changed my perspective on working out and eating healthy. I have learned so much in the past 12 weeks*. Currently, I’ve lost* 22 pounds* and feel great about myself both physically and mentally. I recommend this gym to anyone who wants to work hard towards realistic weight loss goals in an extremely supportive and professional environment. Get it!
(*Results may vary from person to person)

Amanda Jayne , San Marcos, Tx

Get ready to be motivated & excited about working out!!!! I can’t say enough nice things about this gym & staff. I’m driving from Austin & it’s well worth it! Str8 Training RoCkS!!!!!
(*Results may vary from person to person)

Kymber Hayes , Austin, Tx - Mother of 5

Since I’ve started training I have had less flare ups (from Lupus) and I’m seeing awesome results. I love coming to class every day knowing that I’m one day closer to getting better and healthier. I’m stronger, have more endurance, and I’m losing weight while gaining muscle. The trainers are ALL skilled to push you through your workout and keep you from giving up on yourself. Don’t expect to come into this place thinking training will be easy. As hard as everything is, the results are worth it. I’m happy to finally have something that works for me to keep my pain away. I’d take being sore over arthritic pain. If you work hard and eat right you will be just as happy as I am with my body. Being a Lupus fighter and a softball player gives me more reason to continue to keep going and to keep pushing myself. The trainers won’t let you down. They make sure everyone is doing what they’re suppose to with the correct form. They’re all really nice and super helpful with your needs and goals. It’s a judge free zone and I feel as if everyone of all shapes, forms, sizes, etc. are all welcomed and accepted. I’m in my 6th week of training for about 5 days a week and love having more energy and motivation. I’ve noticed that my softball skills such as my speed, strength (with bat control), and confidence have improved. STR8 TRAINING is the best way to go. These trainers work just as hard as you to not let you down.
(*Results may vary from person to person)

TC Medrano , San Marcos, TX - Technical Support