If you’re seeking improved results from your workout routine, taking care of yourself properly will be at the heart of the matter. There will be few athletic professionals who disagree that staying hydrated is a big part of your workout routine. For anyone who leads an athletic lifestyle, or even for those who are trying to make a big change in their health, you may already see drinking water as a given while you’re partaking in your activity. What you may not realize is that the details behind hydrating yourself extend to all sides of your workout. That’s right, there’s more to staying hydrated than drinking water while you’re exercising. Hopefully this guide will shed a little light on the matter.

Remember to Think Ahead

While sipping an ice cold beverage during your workout can feel like a much needed relief, it’s not all that’s needed to become and remain hydrated before, during, and after your workout session. You’ll need to think ahead to stay on top of keeping yourself hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water long before you decide to exercise for thirty minutes to an hour and keeping it up throughout the day. What this doesn’t mean is chugging a liter of water right before you start, since consuming too much water (or any liquid for that matter) directly before going into a physical activity can cause cramping and uncomfortable bloating, which would slow down your exercise and be counterproductive entirely. It’s recommended by plenty of athletic pros that you drink around three liters per day, sipping on it throughout the day at a steady rate.

Proper Hydration During Exercise

Drinking a steady amount throughout the day can definitely set you off on the right foot, but what about the proper method during your workout? While the right way to stay hydrated is up for a bit of debate, many athletic individuals will stick with a general rule of equal parts waste and equal parts haste. You can figure this out by weighting yourself before and after exercise, to figure out an estimate of how much water you will need during workout. You can go by this method and drink 16 oz. per pound lost or you can also go by another popular method and consume one cup of water for every fifteen minutes of workout time in low to moderate leveled exercise sessions. There are also workout drinks that have some boosting components that many write off as unnecessary, sugary drinks. For example, plenty of carbohydrate drinks are meant to help replenish your glycogen, which is exactly what your muscles are burning for energy. Electrolyte drinks are also good for replenishment when consumed in moderation.

The Aftermath of Hydration

A lot of people think they should consume a bunch of protein pre-workout but the truth is that it’s even more effective right after you’ve finished an exercise routine. When you add some protein powder to your water after you’re done lifting weights or running, the protein will help with the protein and muscle synthesis that happens post-workout session. Aside from helping with the catabolic state of your muscles, it can also help muscles heal.

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