When it comes to supplemental vitamins for health and wellness, it can be helpful to know which ones are going to have the highest impact, and which ones can help you become more fit. For the most part, a proper diet will allow you to have all of the vitamins you need, but generally, there are several vitamins that will always be helpful to have more since most Americans are deficient in some vitamin or another.

Calcium & Magnesium

One important vitamin for bone and teeth growth is calcium, although it can also help you with muscle function and energy levels. And while many of these vitamins might not directly provide a large benefit, a lack of it might cause some harm. One example of this is magnesium. Using it properly is somewhat helpful, but lacking it can really hurt you. It can lead to bad sleep, bad muscle recovery, and depression, which can hurt motivation and eventually make you less motivated to work out. Dairy is a great source of calcium, and most types of nuts are good sources of magnesium, but especially almonds and cashews. If you buy magnesium supplements, try to steer clear of the pills, as the more topical ones tend to absorb far better.

Vitamin C & D

While Vitamin C and Vitamin D might not be directly related to fitness in and of itself, Vitamin D does allow you to absorb more calcium, allowing you to absorb energy better. Vitamin C allows you to fight off oxidative stress which can come from working out hard. But one thing to consider is that if you get sick, you will most likely not be suitable for a proper workout session causing you to get out of your routine. Vitamin C is antioxidant and can help your body fight off free radicals and boost your immune system. Vitamin D, however, can help you fight off respiratory infections and is recommended by a lot of doctors right now as something that can help with your day to day life. Selenium also has a similar effect as Vitamin C, fighting off free radicals and boosting the immune system, giving you more energy. Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and whole wheat can be helpful.

Iron, Omega 3, B12 & Others

Iron is helpful for transporting oxygen in your blood, which is essential for high energy levels and keeping your immune system running right. Venison, meat, sardines, and bran are all good sources of iron. Omega 3 can also help improve blood flow and heart functions, especially for men. This can be helpful for anyone looking to do cardio or push themselves harder and farther without becoming tired. B12 is also an important supplement, though is usually only needed by vegetarians, as most people tend to get what they need from natural sources. B12 can affect energy levels and red blood cell function as well as hand-eye coordination. Copper will protect the cardiovascular system, and nervous system, helping with reaction times. Zinc itself is great for building testosterone, but also for recovering from hard workouts. This makes zinc a great vitamin to take. Red meat and eggs are good for zinc.