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Vitamins and Supplements: Where to Begin?

One of the most commonly expressed frustrations is the complete confusion over what the “best way” to get healthy is. The blanket advice of “just eat right and exercise” seems simpler said than done when there is so much contradicting information on what that really looks like. Beyond just eating, there is a whole world of vitamins and supplements to tackle as well. If you walk blindly down the health food aisle at any store, you might feel out of your league or at least overwhelmed by the different options. While there is not necessarily a one size fits all guide for the best approach, here are some tips on approaching vitamins and supplements to boost your workout.

Consult a Medical Professional

While it can seem like scheduling an appointment and making time for it is a hassle, there are legitimate reasons to take heed of this suggestion. Every person’s body is different, meaning every person’s body needs something different. Your body might have a deficit or surplus of one of the various electrolytes or vitamins you produce naturally, and knowing this information is crucial to deciding which steps you need to take for your best healthy self. For instance, if you have an iron deficiency (this is a very common occurrence) then your body can’t build muscle as well as if it didn’t. Learning this through a common blood test by a medical doctor could help you know exactly where to start in building your health routine.

Vitamins to Boost Metabolism

Metabolism can seem like the pesky enemy of getting older, and literally everyone has to battle it to some capacity. Whether you naturally have a fast metabolism or you don’t, at some point you might find that your normal cardio routine doesn’t quite do the trick anymore. These supplements can help give you that extra boost you might need.

Vitamin B

There are several different B vitamins, and a deficiency in one of them can cause the others to not work as efficiently. The top 4 recommended B vitamins include:

  • B-12
  • Folate
  • Biotin
  • B-6

B-12 is the main metabolizer of proteins and fats, but it relies on B-6 and folate to work properly as B-6 is also instrumental in metabolizing protein. While there are B vitamins in a regular diet (whole grains, dairy products, some fruits, and nuts and seeds), B-12 is only found in animal products. If you lean toward a vegan or vegetarian diet style, then taking a supplement might be just the extra kick your metabolism needs to work effectively.

Building Muscle

Building strength through muscle build involves a combination of taking in excess calories and protein with a strategic workout plan. In addition, these supplements can also help in the muscle building process:


Your body produces a certain amount of creatine naturally, and it is the molecule that creates energy for your muscles. Taking a creatine supplement promotes an increase in the hormones needed for muscle building, water content in your muscle cells, and overall exercise performance. Additionally, creatine has proven to be one of the safest supplement options for building muscle mass.


One of the biggest hurdles people jump through when trying to build muscle is consuming the right amount of protein. In the muscle building process, your body breaks down protein. So, in order to see the desired results, you have to consume more protein than your body is breaking down. Depending on your intensity level, it can seem like a massive chore to try and eat enough protein through a normal diet. If you aren’t getting enough protein in your diet, taking a protein supplement can help get you where you need to go. But be aware, if you are eating a high protein diet and taking a supplement, you may end up consuming too much protein. To know how much protein you need for your lifestyle, you can refer to an online calculator, get advice from a personal trainer or nutritionist, or consult your personal physician.

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