Training for Long-Distance Running Events, Part 2

As we continue covering training for a big race, we will be going over a workout plan, the importance of sleep and a bit on building muscle while doing cardio.

Distance Workout Regimen

Proper training will rely on you having days you workout hard, days you go long-distance but slow, and days you completely rest. One of the days you rest should be a day before the day the race should take place. If it takes place on a Saturday, pick a Friday. In that scenario, you would want to run a fixed amount of miles during the week, with maybe a day for doing another workout style than just pure distance, but more intense with less distance still. Say 3 miles. You should have Friday off, but come Saturday, run 5-6 miles, slowly, and increase this number a mile or 2 each week. Sunday you can do some supporting exercises, focus on weight-training, or do other types of cardio like biking or do some sprints. Monday take off again. Tuesday, repeat. When you are training, remember to always stretch, before and after, and to take it slow.

The most important days are the rest days, though. This is when your body is building muscle and repairing itself. Make sure to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep, as that is a very important part of your body’s regeneration cycle. When you exercise, you don’t just get sore from lactic acid. You get sore because your muscle’s have microscopic tears all over them, and repairing them can cause inflammation. And the only way that it can repair them is when you are sleeping. That is why you will often wake up more sore than you were when you went to bed, because overnight your body accumulated inflammation while it was repairing itself.

For Sunday, the day you do cross training, you have a lot of options. The pyramid style run mentioned in the first article can be used during the week or here, but you really have a lot of options here. This can be treated as a reward day, or an excuse to do some fun cardio. Bike rides are great. Sprints are great because they build muscle and endurance a lot quicker than jogging. It is actually quite a considerable difference. Boxing can be introduced, or really any number of sports. Sports are a great excuse to work out but still have fun. Some people use this as a day to weight train. If you have never lifted before, now might not be the best time to start doing heavy lifting. But it might be a good time to do low weight high volume exercises. Even if you are used to lifting, if you are training for distance stick to high volume exercises. Trying to lift too heavy can cause injuries to start to appear, as long distance is prone to causing injuries already.

Stay tuned for more info on nutrition and eating to build physique in our next article!s. If you would like more information about training for long distance running, visit STR8 Training in San Marcos, TX.

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