Squad Training


Contact us to learn more on how to join a squad or create your own! It only takes 4 people to make a squad! 



  • 4-8 People
  • 1 Hour Session with a Fitness Pro
  • Nutritional Guidance Included
  • Set times – Contact us for scheduling
  • Start Your Own Squad
  • Join a Squad if Available

*Free Initial Consultation*

In a Nutshell:

Squad Training is an optimal training platform for all fitness and income levels because it follows a progressive style of training while reducing the rate for each Squad Member. Each squad will consist of 4-8 individuals 18yrs of age and up. Squad Training has a duration of 1 hr. and will be held multiple times a day, 3 days out of the week for 4 weeks. Individual Squad Members will have a set time and day to train for a total of 12 sessions. There will be monetary incentives for Squads to increase in numbers as well as rewards for participation and consistency. Squads will have multiple fitness specialist throughout the week to help prevent boredom as well as offer clients a more versatile fitness experience. Squad Training will be a set program planned out 4 weeks at a time by the Fitness Programmer. Measurements will be taken at 3 intervals during the 4-week program pre/mid/post program. A Squad Training meal plan packet will also be provided to each team member. Before and after pictures will be taken of each squad member.


Each session will focus on building strength and endurance while eliminating fat. Here at STR8 we focus highly on form and technique when lifting weights and pushing you to your limits when doing cardio, body weight, and plyometric exercises. Clients can range from beginner to advanced with adjustment to weight and modification to exercises whenever they are too easy or too difficult. Communication with your trainer is a must to provide optimal results.