Muhammad (Hom) Weusi

Muhammad_ProfileHom’s passion for health and fitness began 14 years ago when he joined Ultra Quest, a 6 week athletic training program for middle and high school athletes. After participating for 4 years, Hom became co-owner of Ultra Quest, where his love for personal training grew. As a member of the Wheaton College football team, Hom joined an NCAA-level training program, where he learned the bulk of his motivational skills as well as his passion to change lives. Four years later, after finishing school at Texas State University, Hom began his career as a personal trainer at a San Marcos area gym. After a year, Hom opened STR8 TRAINING on a MISSION to CHANGE LIVES and make personal training AFFORDABLE to the masses.

Hom has successfully owned and operated STR8 for 7 solid years, and anticipates a strong future for his team. He holds pride in his style of one-on-one and small group training with the accountability factor highly emphasized for clients to achieve their ultimate goal of getting in shape and maintaining.