Keeping Up With Your New Year's Workout Resolution

Maintaining New Year’s Workout Resolution – San Marcos Training

It’s almost the end of February and many people are finding it difficult to stay motivated in keeping up with their resolution. Did you opt to lose weight and those chocolate covered strawberries from Valentine’s threw you off track? Did all the changing Texas weather make you not want to go outside and workout? It’s isn’t too late to turn yourself around and keep up with your New Year’s resolution.

Maintaining Your Motivation

Statistically, eighty percent of the people who made a New Year’s resolution have given up by this point of the year. With those kind of statistics it seems that making a resolution is just setting yourself up for failure. The point is, it doesn’t have to be. Most people give up on their resolutions because they either set unrealistic goals or let minor setbacks derail their whole plan.

Dealing with Setbacks

An example of an unrealistic resolution is to run a mile everyday when you have never ran a mile in your life. You attempt to run a mile on day one and fall over from exhaustion halfway through and give up on your resolution. An example of giving up because of a minor setback is when a regular runner makes a resolution to run three miles a day. Several days of bad weather cause them to not run. They feel like they have not kept up with their resolution and give up.  

Moving Forward

If you have fallen into either one of these categories or find yourself having trouble keeping up with your resolution, it isn’t too late to modify your workout goals. An easy way to do this is to create monthly resolutions. This allows you to organize your main goal into micro-goals that are more realistic to achieve and take away some of the psychological stress you might get if you don’t achieve your goal.  

Creating Micro Goals

Remember that your resolution is for the entire year, so you need to rephrase your goal to specify where you want to be with your goals at the end of the year. If your goal is to lose weight, rephrase that to how much you want to have lost by the end of the year. If your goal is to exercise more, rephrase your goal into what you want to be exercising at the most. Once you get an overall specific goal, you will be able to plan out your New Month Resolutions. This will help you keep up with your resolution moving forward throughout the year.

Using Your Micro Goals

If you want to lose weight, a specific resolution could be to lose a certain amount of pounds per week. Micro goals to achieve this could be to create a diet and exercise plan. If you want to work out more, a specific resolution could be to go to the gym five times a week. Micro resolutions to achieve this goal are to start by going once or twice a week, then after doing that for a few weeks, start going three times. Continue this process until you have achieved and are able to maintain your goal.

Treating Yourself Well

Another way to help keep your resolution is to treat yourself well. Don’t feel bad for missing a workout or eating that chocolate covered strawberry. Life happens, and sometimes everyone needs a little chocolate. Your brain will be happier if you don’t beat yourself up over little mishaps. If you still feel like you need balance, run a few extra minutes the next couple of workouts. Also, reward yourself. A good reward for keeping your goals is to get new workout clothes. And, added bonus, if you feel sluggish and don’t want to workout, put on those new clothes. Sometimes just getting into workout attire gives your brain a little boost to get up and get moving.

Final Thoughts

There are several things to keep in mind that will help achieve your workout goals. Remember that your goal needs to be specific and achievable. Create micro goals out of your main goal. Micro goals are easier to achieve, you are less likely to give up, and you are more likely to achieve your overall goal. Taking these steps will help keep you from falling into the statistics of forgotten resolutions.

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