Fitness Classes



  • Set Times
  • Support from workout partners 

*New Clients: 1st class is FREE*

In a Nutshell:

Fitness Classes allow our trainers to work with more people at once and drop our price point to make fitness instruction more affordable. Our classes have provided a cost-effective way for people to experience the benefits of working with a fitness pro during the recent economic turbulence.

Another reason our Fitness Classes have become popular is due to the benefits of working in a small group. When people start exercising in a group, they establish relationships and make friends with other people in the group — helping them become regular participants in our classes.



We like to switch it up. Each session will focus on building strength and endurance while eliminating fat. Here at STR8 we focus highly on form and technique when lifting weights and pushing you to your limits when doing body weight and plyometric exercises. Though it is group training, we press that each exercise can be modified to each individuals fitness level. Groups members can range from beginner to advanced with adjustment to weight and modification to exercises whenever they are too easy or too difficult. Communication with your trainer is a must to provide optimal results.