Those who participate in a regular fitness routine, including some exercise, know that its benefit extends well beyond physical fitness. There are many ways in which having regular exercise as part of your routine can improve your productivity at work—and conversely, the lack of exercise can have a detrimental effect not only on your fitness, but also on your performance in the workplace. We have outlined all the benefits you will see at work if you have a regular exercise routine.

It Makes You More Alert

One thing that can make you more alert and sharpen your awareness is an increased blood flow to the brain, which exercise helps to promote. There is a protein called BDNF which is powered by exercise and can help to heighten your cognitive abilities, allowing you meet head on any challenge that comes your way. While you might intuitively think that having a regular exercise routine would leave you feeling more tired, in actuality it can help you feel more awake. This will make sure that you perform every task quickly, correctly and with more attention paid to every detail. There has also been research demonstrating that regular exercise can help stave off the mental effects of old age.

It Boosts Creativity

Research has shown that even a low impact workout, like a leisurely afternoon stroll, can increase the creativity in some people up to 81 percent. Similarly, yoga has been shown to improve self esteem and help you think more creatively in the workplace. In many jobs, being creative and finding different solutions to problems is a highly prized skill to have. Creativity and the confidence that comes from a positive body image can also make you more cooperative and a better team player—both attributes that are well respected in a lot of industries.

It Makes You More Agile

If you are one of the millions of people who work a job that requires you to be on your feet for a large portion of the day, you will be glad to learn that a regular exercise regime can make you a little faster on your feet. Spending time working out regularly will not only increase your strength, but it can also make it easier for you to perform intricate movements on your feet such as avoiding obstacles while balancing heavy trays of food during a dinner rush. Engaging in regular, healthy exercise can make you feel as light as air when you are doing your work.

It Makes You Healthier

These days, it is like a badge of honor to never take a sick day, to always be in the pink of health. With regular exercise, you can boost your immune system and make it easier for it to fight off harmful bacteria and germs. That is not to mention that being at your optimal health is better for your overall work performance. It will help keep you from getting injured while on the job, which benefits everyone at your workplace. Whether your job is physically or mentally demanding, your performance has everything to gain from following a regular exercise routine.

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