Emily Tomlin

Em_ProfileEmily graduated from Texas State University, majoring in Communication Design. After graduation she pursued a corporate job but quickly realized she was not happy sitting in a cubicle all day. She then joined forces with Muhammad and decided to take on her role as Marketing & Social Media Consultant. She plans to take STR8 to the next level with beautiful design, conceptual strategies, and hard work.

Emily has always had a strong passion for helping others and strives to make an impact in the bigger picture of life. When the opportunity came for her to merge her love for artistic design and fitness she jumped on board. She has high hopes to make STR8’s aesthetic approach more beautiful and change some lives in the process.

Emily has competed in 2 Body Building shows during 2014 placing 2nd in Texas State Naturals. This was a huge accomplishment for her, 25 lbs were lost and she has succeeded in maintaining a healthy lifestyle since. She hopes to compete in at least one show per year to keep her competitive fire lit!