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People who are physically inactive can lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass per decade after age 30?

Get off your tail and gain some muscle, we can help. New customers join in on our Fit Camps for FREE today. 1pm and 4:15pm



FREE Airbrush Tan!

Sign Up for 1 Month of Fit Camp Classes and get a FREE Airbrush Tan! Offer ends this Friday! 🙂
Oh and Check out our Athletic Training Client, Tina doing spiderman push ups! She works HARD in the gym on top of her Water Skiing. Keep it up!



Dance/Yoga Workshop!

EXCITEMENT! So happy to have the extraordinary Miss Amber Prowl hosting our 1st Dance/Yoga workshop in our new studio. I had the pleasure of Go-Go dancing along side her for a few months and it was always SO MUCH FUN. Not only is she DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, she’s entertaining, spunky, and a sweetheart too.

Join us for a sassy time on Sunday, May 4th from 4-6pm. Austin friends, you know you want to take a trip to San Marcos for this one! (The river and Square are close by… Girls Day & Sunday Funday it up after!)

She will be teaching her Daisy Dukecamp & BUTI Yoga! More info here:




Tip of the Day: Rethink Your Breading

Skip or limit the breading on meat, poultry, or fish. Breading adds Calories and can increase the amount of fat soaked up during frying. Learn more ways to decrease empty calories here.

This Weeks Special!

New Customers: Sign Up for 1 Month of Personal Training and get a Free $50 Fit Card for Yourself or a Friend! Hurry Offer Ends Friday.



Good Luck Lori!

We would like to wish one of our Athletes, Lori Covington GOOD LUCK as she competes in the Pan Am World Games! Lori works hard in the gym on top of her professional Water Skiing career, and being a full time mother/wife. Keep it up Lori, you inspire us!

Like This Lunch?

Baked chicken w/mrs dash salt free chicken seasoning, steamed broccoli, and whole unsalted almonds… This along with many other great recipes will be what we offer To-Go right here at STR8! Coming soon! For more info on our Healthy Meals To-Go email [email protected] Pick up locations will be in South Austin and San Marcos!


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It’s official we just signed the lease on the space next door, doubling our floor plan. With expansion comes opportunity for more jobs! We will be looking for motivated individuals to join our team. If you have interest or experience in any of the following please send your resume to [email protected]

• Personal Trainer
• Yoga/Mobility Instructor
• Airbrush Tanning Spray Tech
• Marketing/Front Desk
• Childcare/Kids Fitness
• Culinary Arts (Healthy Meal-Prep)
• Nutrition/Business Management/Marketing Intern

Hard Work Pays Off!

STR8 Trainer, Jackson Belcher is prepping for the Texas Shredder in 11 days! Be sure to stay tuned for Jackson and Emily’s results on the big day!


Testimonial – Darlene Rocha

“Took these babies out on their first late night/early morning run. I haven’t ran on purpose for 5 months so I had no expectations. I ran 3 miles straight and completed 4  I wanted to stop plenty of times but I heard Muhammad Weusi behind me telling me ” when you think you have nothing left you always have a little more” or something to that effect. He tried to talk to me during fit camp and I wasn’t listening because I was focusing on breathing. I can only do one thing at a time lol”



Beauty Burpee Queen!

Group Training Client: Danielle Bosley

Yes we train Beauty Queens! Keep it up Danielle. Big show is in 18 days!



20 lbs of fat GONE

Art Director, Emily’s progress! All thanks to STR8.
“Today is a milestone I thought I’d never hit! I have lost 20 lbs since my heaviest weight of 152 in November of 2012. 1 yr and 4 months of constantly pushing myself, believing, and knowing my body deserved this. I had my breakdowns where I wanted to eat that whole bag of Hot Cheetos, or that ice cream sandwich, and hell a whole case of Dos Equis or down a bottle of fireball! I never lost sight of the potential life I wanted for myself.

I’m a little emotional looking at the scale, this is about what I weighed at 14! Now 10 years later I am back to my healthiest ME. The biggest factor in my progress was EDUCATION. Self teaching and reaching out to others to learn more. With that said, I will be taking on a few online personal training clients after my show. If you are interested please email [email protected]

Limited spots available, I will choose whoever I feel is ready to learn and give me their all. Upwards we go!”


Check Out This Clip of Sponsored Athlete: Trent Finlayson

Born: Saskatchewan, Canada

Resides: San Marcos, Texas
Ski Spot: GSP, Zorn Texas
River Ranch, Martindale Texas
Years Competing: 25
Years Pro: 12
World Pro Ranking: 6
National Ranking: 1

Sponsors: HO Skis
Performance Ski and Surf

Canadian National Record Holder
5x Canadian National Champion
Member Canadian National Team since 2005

Tip of the Day: A Little Goes a Long Way

A small amount of lean meat adds great flavor to dishes made with beans or whole grains. Try chicken chili or turkey barley soup. Find more recipes here…