Choosing a Workout Plan: Strength Training

In the 1800’s-early 1900’s there was the rise of the strongman, the training was not specific, and sometimes training was simply tossing hay bales or carrying large rocks around a field. The late 1900’s was the first time that the scene had started boiling it down to a science that could be studied and fine-tuned for the best results, but it was still very crude. Today, we have a huge wealth of knowledge, and many topics have been settled to some extent. But with the amount of studies that have been done, there is so many conflicting views on the best ways to achieve the results. This has led to some experts defending yoga, cardio, outdoor sports (biking, swimming, kayaking, etc.), low-rep weight training and everything in between over any other method. But, there is no one correct way to work out. The reality is that for the most part, these all have a method to the madness, and the success depends on what you define it as. This will be a two-parter, with part one covering weight lifting, and part two covering cardio exercises, with both going over finding one that gives results and personal enjoyment.

Many of the high-intensity workout programs that have become popular recently, when done safely with proper form, can definitely help one become toned and in great shape for sports performance, but will likely not lead to a bulky strength like Arnold’s. The main criticism is that certain gyms do not focus enough on correct form. Form is crucial to not hurting yourself and gaining muscles. There is a lot of great, practical strength routines one can gain from doing these types of workouts. You’ll stretch, you’ll do cardio, you’ll do some weightlifting, truly it is an all around program. Any exercise routine based on using a lot of muscle groups quickly to push yourself to exhaustion (when done properly) can have amazing effects fairly quickly.

Then there are no nonsense, barebones weightlifting plans that are great for beginners through intermediate. It’s important to focus on safety while gaining building strength, covering all muscle groups, and laying out a path for success. There are several guides on correct form for lifting, going in detail over correct posture, supporting muscles and all in between.  You may want to add in some extra core work and some dips, and cardio on off days.

Of course, if you want professional training at an affordable price, be sure to visit our San Marcos gym. We would love to consult with you to discuss your desires and current abilities to help craft a plan that is safe and effective to help you reach your ultimate potential. We also offer a variety of classes at various times, so be sure to check the schedule and come in for one that sounds like a good fit for you–we welcome those who have only started on their fitness journey all the way to those who are advanced.

Our 1st Summer Weight Loss Challenge has ended

Results are in from our 1st Weight Loss Challenge. $500+ worth of prizes ready to go home! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Top 3:

Duration of Challenge: 1 Month
Pounds + Inches = Points

1. David McCarthy = 22.25 points
2. Carol Rocha = 17.25 points
3. Crystal Salinas = 15.5 points



Saturday Fit Camp is BACK!

Join us at 10am this Saturday for 1hr of Str8 Training. Whether your beginner or advanced, we will accommodate to your needs.
Current Fit Campers, use this as one of your weekly sessions or add it for only $5! If you’ve never been to STR8, come and try it for free! Any non-member who have tried us out and just want to attend on Saturdays the rate is $7.




Check out this #tbt. Muhammad during his high school football days with his Uncle Ronnie. Who thinks he should bring back the frosted tips?? Lol


Teacher Special – EXTENDED

EXTENDED SPECIAL! Just for our TEACHERS, we appreciate all that you do and we know that the school year can be stressful. We want to extend our summer special, YEAR ROUND.

Only $8 per Fit Camp, a price you can’t beat. Classes range from 3-10 people and you are always supervised by a Fitness Pro. Nutritional Guidance is included, classes are 1 full hour, and you get support from you fellow fit campers each time you walk in the door. Don’t wait until next summer, join today!



Weight Loss in Exchange for $$$

One more weigh in today and we will have the results for our weight loss challenge! We are giving away $500 worth of prizes to the 8 participants who stuck with it! Who’s ready for our next one??




Big Shoutout to client, Kristen Gray! She lost 5lbs and 6.5inches in just 3 weeks of personal training with Muhammad. We are excited to a part of her journey, keep it up!



September Special

Bring 1 – bring them all. We want to invite your co-workers to come and visit us this month. Please share with any co-workers you may think are interested, you never know this may be what they need to get started!


Push-Up Contest

Trainer meeting ended with push-up contest. Can you guess who won?


Full lot!

That’s what I like to see! Full house tonight at fitcamp. #str8training #sanmarcostx #fitcamp



Chicken breast, zucchini, and mushrooms sautéed in worcestershire sauce and topped with blackberries.


Testimonial – David McCartney

Todays #ADD1 Testimonial is from one of our newest members David McCartney. He has been here almost 4 weeks, has lost 12 lbs by attending our Fit Camps, and he’s not done yet! He is also currently in the lead of our weight loss challenge. He ran his 1st 10k last weekend and thanks STR8 for building his endurance.

David had lost a total of 110 lbs on his own before joining us, how awesome is that?! He is a huge inspiration to many, way to go David! We are glad to have you.

Dinner is served!

Lemon pepper tilapia, asparagus sprayed with olive oil, and cilantro lime brown rice.


New Trainer Alert!

Attempting to take trainer pics for the site and I got this. Too cute!


Anna Dailey – Testimonial

Todays #ADD1 testimonial comes from Anna Marie Dailey, mother of 2, wife, works full time as C.O.O of a big company here in town, and one of our longest standing clients! She has trained with us through pregnancy, lost 80lbs right after and kept it off. She has been one of Muhammads biggest supporters and a big part of his success! Anna made the choice 5 years ago to take charge of her health, we love you for it, and are so glad to see you day in and day out!