Full lot!

That’s what I like to see! Full house tonight at fitcamp. #str8training #sanmarcostx #fitcamp



Chicken breast, zucchini, and mushrooms sautéed in worcestershire sauce and topped with blackberries.


Testimonial – David McCartney

Todays #ADD1 Testimonial is from one of our newest members David McCartney. He has been here almost 4 weeks, has lost 12 lbs by attending our Fit Camps, and he’s not done yet! He is also currently in the lead of our weight loss challenge. He ran his 1st 10k last weekend and thanks STR8 for building his endurance.

David had lost a total of 110 lbs on his own before joining us, how awesome is that?! He is a huge inspiration to many, way to go David! We are glad to have you.

Dinner is served!

Lemon pepper tilapia, asparagus sprayed with olive oil, and cilantro lime brown rice.


New Trainer Alert!

Attempting to take trainer pics for the site and I got this. Too cute!


Anna Dailey – Testimonial

Todays #ADD1 testimonial comes from Anna Marie Dailey, mother of 2, wife, works full time as C.O.O of a big company here in town, and one of our longest standing clients! She has trained with us through pregnancy, lost 80lbs right after and kept it off. She has been one of Muhammads biggest supporters and a big part of his success! Anna made the choice 5 years ago to take charge of her health, we love you for it, and are so glad to see you day in and day out!


Carol – Testimonial

Another #ADD1 testimonial from Carol Rocha, full time kinder teacher, mother of 4, wife, and one of our very own fit campers! She has LOST 42 INCHES and 35 LBS in only 5 months by attending Fit Camp 3-5 days a week and incorporating a healthier diet. She motivated several of her co-workers to join in on our teacher challenge and is competing in our weight loss challenge. Way to step up and lead the way, we are proud!


Testimonial – Jaime & David

Check out this #ADD1 testimonial! Jaime & David have been group training with Muhammad since May. We are setting the date for next spring to get Jaimie ready for her 1st show! David stay sexy.

This week only!

Day 1 at the new location was a success! We have so much more space, all I want to do is fill it! With that said, all current clients can bring a friend for FREE all week long.

Please SHARE and see who’s willing to workout with you! You never know, it might be what they need to get started. 


We Moved!

Don’t forget we moved! Open for business at our new location, 
2626 Hunter Rd San Marcos, Tx 78666

Turn at the big green T-Rex!

Goodbye, Old STR8 Training. Hello New STR8 Training!

Bittersweet moment saying goodbye to the place that was not only a fitness facility but a place where dreams came true, goals were met, friends were made, and jobs were created. Bye bye 1st #str8training #sanmarcostx you’ll always be the building block to our mecca! Now time to get that new, sexy, building ready for Tuesday! #personaltraining #grouptraining #fitcamp #expanding #growth #lifespreciousmoments


Moving Day!

Cutest movers I ever did see! Thank you guys so much we couldn’t have done it without you!


19 lbs & 31.5 inches gone!

Great News! Our Fat Loss Challenge, 2 week results are in! 

10 clients are participating and together they LOST a total of 31.5 inches and 19 lbs in just 14 DAYS through our Fit Camps and nutritional guidance! 

We are so proud! Cant wait to see what you guys achieve in the next 2 weeks! Lifestyle changes are in the works.




Want to give a shoutout to 2 clients that moved out of town recently and we were sad to see them go! River & Madison both gained muscle and lost fat during their time at #str8training

Client/Trainer Testimonial

“I’m so proud of this girl! My client Demaya lost 17.25 inches in 5 weeks! She doesn’t even look like the same person. School starts Monday and she is taking her new healthy habits with her. She travelled a long way to get to San Marcos and train with me 4 days a week, and won’t be able to with school. I’m definitely gonna miss her.”

– Str8 Trainer, Bobby Smiga



Hangin’ Out with Ren

Repost! @colleenmcc13 hangin out with Ren before training with @bobbysmiga #str8training #sanmarcostx #personaltraining #mascot #pitbull #gymdog



49.5 inches lost, and 24 pounds down. Safe to say Darlene is OUTSTANDING!


Ab work!

Great group tonight working those abs! #str8training #sanmarcostx #fitcamp #personaltraining #grouptraining