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Best Jogging Trails for Training in San Marcos, TX

If you’re looking for a nice hiking trail or a natural area to go walking after a long day’s work, then San Marcos has got you covered. Home of six beautiful natural areas, San Marcos, Texas offers a great outdoor experience including birding and bug walks, and stunning natural landscapes. Whether you’re a college student attending Texas State University or a permanent resident of San Marcos, TX, here are some great trails you might want to consider exploring:

Purgatory Creek

This is by far the largest and most popular natural attraction in San Marcos. Expanding over 700 acres, Purgatory Creek consists of three trail heads: Upper, Lower, and Prospect Park.

Lower Purgatory is off Hunter Road and is the main location for casual walkers, hikers, and serious bikers. Its trail runs 12 miles northwest to the Upper trail-head on Valencia Way.

Upper Purgatory offers a massive limestone cliff and is suitable for many avid explorers and mountain bikers seeking an incline.

Prospect Park is the newest addition to Purgatory Creek. It contains the Edwards Aquifer where Ashe Juniper and oak trees co-exist.

Spring Lake

Consisting of open meadows alongside dense woodlands, Spring Lake provides over 6 miles of trails through its towering live oaks draped in Spanish moss to its open grasslands and serene lake. While it supports many endangered species, Spring Lake carries much less foot-traffic making it the perfect place to bike or hike if you’re seeking a peaceful environment.

Blanco Shoals

Located just off the Blanco River, Blanco Shoals offers 81 acres of land consisting of tall Pecan and giant Sycamore trees resting alongside the stunning wetlands. Since there are no clearly defined trails this would be the perfect opportunity for the true explorers to discover the beauty of San Marcos.

Ringtail Ridge Natural Area

With just over 40 acres of walkable land, Ringtail Ridge encompasses 3 smaller ponds and allows for a much more relaxed birding and bug walk. Ringtail Ridge offers roughly 3 miles of relatively flat trails and is the perfect alternative for more casual bikers and those not looking to get lost on the bigger paths.

It Doesn’t End There

These are just a few trails in San Marcos waiting to be discovered; for a complete list of natural areas in the San Marcos area visit the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance Website. By taking advantage of these scenic trails you are not only giving yourself the opportunity to grow stronger physically and mentally, but also opening yourself up to a world of possibilities finding new captivating ways to exercise that can increase your motivation, alleviate stress from everyday life, and strengthen your dedication to your fitness and health goals. So the next time you’re looking to get a good workout in or seeking to fulfill your exploration desires, consider the natural areas around San Marcos as a means to achieve your goals.

Training in San Marcos

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