With so many fitness resources available at the click of a button, staying active has never been easier! Along with Instagram coaches, YouTube tutorials, and low cost apps, another form of fitness has expanded offering you so many different options to choose from. Group fitness classes or groups have been refined over the last couple of decades, improving from the bright leotard clad, mostly female aerobic classes from the 80’s. Group classes are so popular, most gyms offer a wide variety of them including cycling, yoga, strength training, high intensity interval training, cross fit, boxing, pilates, and more! Fitness classes have even begun expanding beyond the confines of a gym to mobile fitness classes that meet all over town. If you are trying to stay healthy, you might consider some of the many benefits that group workouts can offer you!

Quality Instruction

For someone who hasn’t previously made fitness a priority, getting to the gym is a massive win! Unfortunately, once they get there, not knowing how to work out or use the machines is often the thing that causes people to quit coming altogether. It can be intimidating! And while you might not know what to do, you still know that form is an important part of a safe and effective workout. Group classes offer you a coach or instructor of some sort who can lead you in what to do and how to do it. Beyond that, there are typically participants of all fitness levels working out together, so you don’t have to feel like the designated newbie.


While the mob mentality is typically a bad thing, working out with a group of people might push you to do more than you ever thought you were capable of. It can be hard to gauge your own physical limits when working out alone, but the motivation to go with the group can help you set and reach new fitness goals constantly. Plus, sometimes the distraction of the group dynamic can actually help you go farther than you might if you were working out alone.


One of the hardest parts of adulting these days seems to be a struggle to find and maintain quality friendships. Humans thrive in community, but sometimes juggling work and family life makes maintaining friendships difficult. Group workouts offer you a time in your day set aside where you aren’t worried about work or anything else, but you still get to socialize with others that are working toward a common goal. This is especially helpful for slightly more introverted individuals who are overwhelmed by situations dedicated only to socializing. With group fitness classes, you are given something to do and focus on while still being in a social situation where you can get to know the people around you if you like!


Along with the new community you have found in your boxing class or running club, you have also now have an accountability system baked into the cake.While some fitness classes have policies that require you to still pay for missed classes, most of the time just the expectation from your fellow group members is enough to get you there. Consistency is a huge part of staying fit and healthy, and the accountability offered in a group fitness class, club, or camp can really be the main factor that keeps you going strong!

Variety of Options

One final benefit to group training that has emerged recently is the sheer variety of options available. As this trend continues to grow, there’s no shortage of gyms in San Marcos offering some form of group fitness classes. When it comes to small class sizes and personalized instruction, however, none have Str8 Training beat. We aim to be your destination for 24 hour fitness in San Marcos. Contact us today to see if we’re the right fit for you!