Fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients such as vitamins to the body. Taking plenty of fruits and vegetables is advisable by health professionals due to the health benefits accrued to them. Several tips should be considered to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. They include, being sneaky, making a meatless day for yourself and boosting your breakfast.

1. Make all Your Snacks Revolve Around Fruits and Vegetables

Meals help reduce hunger when having tight schedules. Adding them to your diet can be quite useful. This can be achieved through keeping a bowl of fresh fruits at your desk or home. You can as well have dried fruit in your car. Giving up your afternoon carbonated drink for fresh juice.

2. Boost Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the appropriate time to get in an extra vegetable serving or fruit. This can be achieved by stirring fresh or frozen berries, banana slices into your yogurt. You can also make a smoothie by:

  • combining yogurt or low fat milk
  • 1/2 cup of frozen berries

This makes a great serving. If you got no time for breakfast, you can pick an orange, apple or banana and have it on your way to work.

3. Be Sneaky

This is done through adding an extra new tip to a favorite recipe. Try grating fruits and vegetables and puree them to see how much creativity you can come up with alongside the method. Grating carrots and zucchini does good on burgers as well as meatballs as they add nutrients. Chopped peppers, mushrooms and carrots can also be used to flavor your vegetables by adding them alongside the tomato sauce.

4. Make a Meatless Day for Yourself

At least once a week, create a meatless day. Prepare fruits and vegetables for the day and then increase your intake to 3 servings. You can also make a fruit salad for snacking and meals. Also grill extra vegetables and preserve them for salads, soups as well as sandwiches during the week.

5. Try a New Fruit Each Week

Try out new recipes from your research and choose a favorite one for you. Keep it where you can access it. Check out the fruits on season and try out. You might like it than others and thereby boost your intake.

6. Double Your Vegetable Intake

Since extra vegetables would not ruin your recipe, adding them will be quite useful. You can add them onto frozen pizza, casseroles or stuff them onto sandwich.

7. Prefer Fruit-Based Desserts and Salad Intake

Freezing fruits such as grapes and bananas can add a good flavor. This can be done by dipping half of your banana in a small portion of antioxidant dark chocolate. If you do splurge on a sugary desert such as ice cream or frozen yogurt, you can liven it up with a healthy serving of fresh diced fruit such as mango, strawberries, blueberries, or whatever you’re feeling!

When it comes to salads, dark green leafy vegetables are very healthy. Beginning your day with 1/2 cup of fruit and a cup of vegetable is equivalent to a serving. You should also prefer darker greens as the darker they are, the more nutrients they have. These tips help you to increase your fruit and vegetable intake thus achieving a better and healthier lifestyle.

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