When it comes to exercise, not everyone can push themselves through the discomfort, let alone enjoy the workout. However, if you make yourself feel committed to it, then you will see yourself start to enjoy doing it again. Much of the time, we have it in our minds not to like something due to a past experience. To counter this, we need to adopt the attitude that makes us enjoy doing exercise. When you do this, you will see fitness as being able to change your entire health and wellness. If you see yourself struggling with this change, then we have 5 ways for you to enjoy exercising again.

1. Alter the Way You View Exercise

In order for you to enjoy exercising again, you need to be able to alter the way you view exercise as being a positive experience. With many of the negative views obtained through childhood, you need to know how to break away from that train of thought and turn it into a positive so you can be able to enjoy exercise again.

2. Alter Your Motivation for Exercising

Exercising can be a difficult task to enjoy for people who focus on just a single result rather than seeing the bigger picture of every benefit. Unfortunately, the single result that many hope to accomplish is to lose weight. This can ultimately cause distress and disappointment if you begin to think that you are not losing weight fast enough. You need to remember that you have only one body and it is your decision on how to take care of it. Try to motivate yourself by seeing the myriad other health benefits that can come from exercise, not just losing excess weight.

3. Make Sure the Workout Fits Your Needs

Finding a workout routine that fits your needs can go a long way towards helping you to enjoy exercising again. To do this, remember a time where you were really into exercise and never missed a day of it. What activity were you enjoying? Who were you enjoying it with? Was it a sport? No matter what type of exercise it is, it does not always have to be accomplished in gyms where you are pumping iron all day. Being physically active can be as simple as playing a sport that you love.

4. Ensure your Energy Levels Meet the Demands

As you begin to enjoy exercising again, it can seem difficult if your energy levels don’t meet your new demands and you barely have enough steam to get through your normal routine. If your energy levels are subpar, then you may need to make some dietary and lifestyle changes to address the issue. Is your diet healthy and able to provide the needed energy? Is your water intake at its maximum? Is your stress level under control? Are you getting enough sleep consistently? Take these into consideration as you begin to enjoy exercise again.

5. Make Exercise Time Available

Being able to enjoy exercise requires you to make exercise time available. However, most of our time can end up going towards rushing through work, chores and other tasks throughout the day. By taking the time to slow down, you will be able to see where you can fit in enough time to get in a good workout. If you used to exercise after work but stopped at one point, try reevaluating that time of day to fit in a nice exercise routine again. You can even make an attempt to wake up an hour earlier in the morning for exercise before work and breakfast.

Committing to an exercise routine is never easy at first. It’s ok to feel like you’re not enjoying it when you’re first starting out and haven’t seen any results at all yet. However, by sticking to your commitment and taking everything above into consideration, you’ll begin to realize how good your new routine makes you feel. Eventually, you’ll start to truly enjoy exercising again and look forward to it rather than dreading it.