24 Hour Gym

500pxFullClassroom_Slider24/STR8 - 24 Hour Gym

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  • Community Environment
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Weight Room
  • Spacious Classroom with turf, kettle bells, TRX bands, MMA Bags, monkey bars, soft plyo boxes, resistance bands, strongman equipment, prowler, and more! Available 24/7
  • Free workouts written on our giant chalkboard daily
  • Trainers available for questions 8am-8pm
  • Healthy Meals from The Healthy Smoker on site
    • See weekly menu here: www.healthysmokers.com
  • Shower available 8am-8pm
  • A/C and big fans for moderate cooling (we like to sweat but rather not pass out)
  • Stereo system with aux cord (play your own jams at night time hours)


Corporate Memberships:

Businesses that have five or more people interested in a membership may be eligible for a corporate membership. This is a great way to get your entire company involved with fitness. Bring in your fellow co-workers and you may be eligible for a collective discounted membership. No start up fees. Please call, email, or drop in during office hours for additional information.